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Why we exist

Active Collaborative Workspaces (ACW) are  designed and built for the raw, ruthless and savage talent that refuse to play by the rules. We placemake community for creative doers and for those who relentlessly craft their own path.  



Active Collaborative Workspaces are constructed to seamlessly integrate into new or existing businesses or offices. They serve to hybridize environments to create unconventional community and culture around productivity.


ACW's are built on the premise that physicality stimulates innovation and creativity and within them the lines between work, life and play are blurred.



Want to build one?   




Spaces full of raw energy, vibrancy, art, music and people pushing physical and mental boundaries fosters creativity and productivity in new ways. Positive disruption of sedentary work sessions in the form of play, movement, cultural stimulation and exercise fuels creative thought, encourages collaboration and results in a happy healthy work environment.



The conventional work paradigm of cubicle existence has been canceled. When you are invigorated, socially active and physically engaged with your surroundings your work will benefit. 




The ACW is about mixing modalities and mediums. Art, music, physicality and productivity should not exist in silos. Meshing these worlds is what life is all about. 



Play is an integral part of our lives. We are all happier, more engaged and inspired when we are doing what we love – so why remove it from the workplace? 

Past Projects


brooklyn boulders somervile


The first ACW was designed and built for  Brooklyn Boulders Somerville (BKBS), a 40,000 sqft climbing facility outside of Boston as a mechanism to hybridize the community and culutre of the space. The aim was to make it a hub of creativity and innovation not just a climbing gym. Mission accomplished.



brooklyn boulders chicago


Designed and built for but operated by Brooklyn Boulders Chicago, The second ACW functions not only as a differentiation tool for BKBCHI but it has become a seamless part of the overall Brooklyn Boulders brand. It provides the long-term potential to provide more diversified revenue streams, a more unique overall customer experience and a tool to greatly impact the culture of the Brooklyn Boulders organization as a whole.

acw miami


We built the ACW concept into an outdoor bar and music venue located in Wynwood. We fused craft garden to cocktail service, survival training, live music and an invigorating outdoor workspace under one tent at Mortar and Pistil and the Wynwood Yard.  

Build One


Each Active Collaborative Workspace is custom designed to seamlessly be incorporated into the respective environment. The nature of every community, and business is different as are desired objectives. There is no one size fits all approach to activating a community. The ACW team studies the ecology of each respective situation and designs a solution accordingly.


A physical space is but a piece of the puzzle to hybridize an environment. Design is a critical component in creating spaces conducive to stimulating creativity and social engagement but so are the techniques used to launch and socialize ACW spaces. 



  • Situation analysis and community and cultural design consultation

  • Design build of ACW spaces within existing or in conjunction with new ventures

  • Organic community and strategic partner capacity building advisory using the ACW as a tool 

  • Launch stratagy advisory and execution    




Jesse Levin spent six years doing foreign direct investment work in Panama through his previous company, Archer Group Investments. He specializes in applying indigenous capacity building and cultural mediation methodologies employed during international disaster response operations and working with Special Operations veterans to building rapid organic community and culture for start-ups. He is the Founder of Tactivate, an initiative launched to mesh Special Operations veterans and the start-up ecosystem. Jesse designed and founded the Active Collaborative Workspace and was a Co-Founder, investor and head of new market launch and innovation for Brooklyn Boulders.  



Sefra Levin specializes in eco-lodge hospitality, special events and naturalist education. She holds her Masters degree in Agricultural Education from Cornell University and is a regenerative design expert with certifications in Permaculture and Eco Village Design as well as Wilderness Skills. She was an assistant to the General Manager at Dunton Hot Springs and is the founder of Puddy’s- a luxury rewilding tent camp built at Spartan Race World headquarters. She is currently a co-host on the top rated business podcast Spartan-Up and is a master of all things design, upcycling and launch execution for Active Collaborative Workspaces.  




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ACW in the News








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